Nativity of Our Lord Byzantine Catholic Church

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Nativity of Our Lord Byzantine Catholic Church

Sunday Liturgy is at 10 AM. Weekday Liturgies are listed in the bulletin. Visit our contact page to contact us directly.

Nativity of Our Lord Byzantine Catholic Church

Check out our Holy week schedule in the bulletin. There will be an easter egg hunt for the young ones on Palm Sunday. Information about that is also in the bulletin.

Welcome to our Church! Visitors are always welcome. We hope you like what you see and decide to join us.

We are a Byzantine Catholic Church within The Eparchy of Passaic.

For those more familiar with Roman Catholic churches, we assure you that we are just as Catholic. We are recognized by the Pope and we are in full communion with the Roman Catholic Church. Our sacraments, while not always identical in form to those of the Roman churches, are spiritually equivalent.

The Byzantine Catholic service is called a Liturgy rather than a Mass. Most of it is sung, either by the pastor, the congregation, or both. There are no instruments in use other than the voices of the parishioners.

Join us for a social hour with coffee and food following the Sunday Divine Liturgy, in the Rectory.

May God grant you many spiritually blessed years!